Visa information

Visa requirements 

All conference delegates traveling to the Netherlands must present a passport (or approved identity card for EU citizens). Many countries require a visa to enter the Netherlands.

List of countries whose nationals need or do not need a Schengen Visa can be found here.

Delegates are encouraged to apply for visas early (at least two months before departure), and to ensure all requested documentation is submitted with the application for Schengen Visa (Visa C). Applications must be submitted in person at the representation of the Netherlands in the respective countries or at a Schengen partner representation, if the Netherlands does not have representation in that country. Delegates are urged to contact their nearest Netherlands’ embassy or consulate as early as possible to determine where your application should be made and how long this process will take.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands: Search for the Netherlands’ Embassy or Consulate in your country and contact them.

Travel Visa (Visa C) = If you intend to go to the Netherlands as a tourist, to visit friends or on a business trip for a period not exceeding 90 days and your country does not participate in the Visa Waiver Program, you need a Schengen travel visa (Visa C). This visa is not a work permit.

For general Information on visas in English we kindly refer to the following website:


Visa Application Support Letter 

If you need a Visa Application Support Letter, the conference organisers can provide this letter once

  • you have registered for the conference and
  • after the payment of your registration fee has been received.

Once you meet these two requirements, please e-mail the conference organisers with your full name, and the address of the concerning embassy (consulate) where you are going to apply for visa. Let us also know if you are a presenter (oral and/or poster) as well and if yes, the ID number of your abstract(s). Your request will be processed as soon as possible, and the conference invitation letter (scan) for your visa application will be e-mailed to you.